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How to Answer Tricky Questions In An Interview

You are confronting the meeting board and you can feel the adrenaline surge. One of the specialists asks you a harmless inquiry, “Disclose to me something important to you”. How would you think of an answer that has everything? Before you start replying, remember that enrollment specialists currently care less …

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10 Psychological mind tricks that make people like you

When you’re buckling down and doing everything you can to accomplish your objectives, anything that can give you an edge is ground-breaking and will streamline your way to progress. Mind stunts won’t make you a Jedi, however utilizing the cerebrum’s regular eccentricities to further your potential benefit can positively affect …

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Digital Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics, in simpler terms, is the practice of measuring the performance of brand’s marketing efforts. It helps marketers understand their customers, assess the outcome of various marketing initiatives and make decisions. With the advent of Big data and data science, analytics is playing a bigger role in marketing. Benefits …

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