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Campaign Management

Digital Marketing Campaigns Digital marketers use multiple channels such as Email, Social Media, SMS, PPC, retargeting ads, Microsites and Mobile apps to ensure they reach their customers effectively and meaningfully. Also, they use campaign management tools like Adobe Campaign and HootSuite to orchestrate and manage campaigns across these channels and give a personalized experience to the …

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Social Media Advertising involves planning and buying ad spaces on social networking sites to display brand ads. These platforms provide more insights about the customer and thus comes the opportunity to push highly targeted ads. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram Facebook Adverts is an excellent platform for advertisers to run campaigns …

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Media Buying

Online Display Ads Display advertising, promote products or services on relevant sites/blogs, where the user is actively engaged in some other context. These Ads are a great way to raise brand awareness and familiarity among customers. However, Display advertising requires a very compelling messaging and visuals, to get that one …

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