Howdy Guys,

Today we are going to Talk about Investing, Investing your time, energy & money. Where you will get guaranteed return to sustain   and grow in your life. If you follow the necessary tips, I m sure you will grow in your life much faster with these bunch of activities of investing of your time, energy and money.

Invest in Books

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”  ― George R.R. Martin

“Book” a four letter word. But you know what the mean of it is. It is “Big ocean of knowledge” per books are always a good friend the more you read the more you learn. What all I have worked and working on today have a strong core of books. Book readings not only build your vocabulary but also improve your writing skills, thinking skills, creativity and sense of mass improvement in your well-being.

Whether you are reading Fiction or Non-Fiction Doesn’t matter just starting reading anything just start by newspaper, magazine or thing which you have interest in, like if you have interest in programming you can read books on programming, if you like cooking then you can read books on cooking.

Invest in Knowledge

“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.” ―Norman Mailer

“Knowledge” this one word which gives meaning to one personality, life and thinking. Knowledge makes the man wise. In today’s world the true addition and wealth is knowledge. Knowledge is the new god which is worshiped by everyone who believes in Knowledge. In the daily feed we should add some activities which help and add-on to grow in our daily life’s. Each & every step will grow in our personal and professional life.

The first step you can take towards the investment of knowledge is the above step which is reading carry on with writing and listening. I mean you can grab knowledge through reading, writing and listening. Reading the New things which you can work on, Writing the Things which you have a interest, and Listening to the Wise person who can share their knowledge to help you grow.

Invest in your curiosity

“My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.” ―Kevin Mitnick

“Curiosity” is better word which helps one to explore and learn more in one thing. Each & everyone who have curiosity are ready to explore. Curiosity is developed by the one who have interest in one or their other thing. This curiosity is the only thing which will help us to find and explore more. Exploring is a true journey, when we begin to learn or start to explore in search of particular topic we usually find more ways to perform that thing. Even sometimes we invent new things in searching the particular thing. The way is made by us, the true possibilities began and take us to the very level of satisfaction.

I think curiosity is everything, whether it is albert Einstein or Steve jobs, where they have reached  today is due to their thinking which is developed by the sense of learning attitude which have developed by the core of curiosity.

Invest in your health

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” – A.J. Reb Materi

Health is wealth the one and only rule which will help us to grow towards the ultimate goals, whether the goal is to own a car, house, girlfriend. Yups Goal to have a Girlfriend, Whatever it is of Money or House, we should work towards our health, the healthier we are wealthier we will be.

This is very important I mean just not for saying, Just Look at Billgates , Daily he runs on treadmill for 45 Minutes while watching Educational/Motivational Videos or we can look to Narendra Modi, Daily even after the tough schedule, He daily do Yoga in the morning for 30 Minutes.

I mean every greater leader, businessman, teacher knows the simple rule. Whether you want to become anyone, just be utter for your health, DO something for your Body and mind, I have mentioned mind because it also affect our health fully as body. SO keep your mind and body healthy.

Invest in yourself

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Oh ho, One of my favorite things and investment I have ever done. I strongly recommend you to Invest in yourself because it gives out the best return. So, many of you thinking how to invest in yourself, just understand like it you are Assets (Land, Home, Car, Property), First you have to purchase the assets, so are the asset. Now if you have Land you can built an house and give it on Rent, Same you are Land still you have value but when you develop skills and know much more than any other (Like you are the One of best in your industry) then you will be the most valuable asset.

So, the shortcut trick to be really good is to invest in yourself the more you know, the more you can do this will give you a value. If you have learnt some skill which is just known by some people and you the well-known person of it, so you will be the greatest assets of your work. You can start by the basic skills you need for your work by this you can Invest your time and money, it’s just like the investment in gold, as the valuable increase you can increase your value by investing in yourself. Investing to develop skills.

Yash Verma