Howdy Guys,

Today we are going to Talk about Sales, what are the essential things we need to make a successful deal and sale any type of thing to anyone, anywhere.So, Lets Start

Trust is Important

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“Let them Trust You- to Buy is to Trust”

One of the most important skills in sale is the Trust, how anyone will trust you at that point of time, different people have different ways of thinking, & that thinking will help us to develop trust for you, it only depends on people psychology, people trust fast when they find someone of same interest, just see what is their interest and pitch them about the interest.

Talking 2nd Important Factor

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“Let them talk 90% of time”

Don’t take its negative side, let them talk because the more they talk will talk, more they will understand you at the closing time. Time matter for everyone if customer is talking time to decide you should give him options of your thing that it contains these rich factors, you have to develop it in each and every conversation.

Be Transparent

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“Be transparent about you and your product”

I will not give you false information, but yups I will say something that will hurt some of you. Things is you have to be real and truthful if you want sell anything. Truthful means give each and every possible way to reject you product but remind them about their most important problem which can be solved by your product.

Stand Up

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“Stand Up when you are selling on the phone”

You must remember one thing about stock brokers, there are no chairs infront of the screen where the market watch is going. So yups its related to that only, one can sell more fast then one who is sitting infront of them. The real impact is of confidence and the fluency in the situation of each of us face at the time of sale.

Possibilities Lead to Success

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“Be Optimistic Not Realistic”

In real life I would suggest you to be Realistic it will help you grow, but in sales line I would suggest you to be Optimistic, 1st skill to be a salesman is to be confident, confident enough to con vey the message in right way. The optimistic person will never show that how bad the day is today, and even in the point of end day he will try is best to sell the thing.

Need or Desire is Different

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“Don’t Sell ice in the Himalayas”

Why I have said that reason is bit clear, don’t try to sell to anyone who doesn’t accept it or couldn’t afford it, the sales depend on the  place, taste, habit. It should adjust within people to survive and grow within the people to create a, you should research market and they create your product that does it fit in the market or not.

Time is Precious as Customer

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“Give Time to Decide”

Decision depends on the customer or user whether he wants it or not, whether he will use it or not. So, just give him the points, convience him at the fullest, then just leave them alone to decide, let them think about. Truly if you followed up all points with proper knowledge and market, you will surely sell it.

Rejection is Good

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“Calculate how many No’s you hear until you get Yes”

Yes, lets calculate the no. of Nos  because as the no. is increasing your product or service is becoming and improvising to become better, the more people can use now, because as the one reject it, parallel the People who is going to reject converts into people who is now going to accept it.

As the article you have read , let me summarize it, all thing is important but most important is confidence which should be available at every point of time, this thing changes everything, this will make people trust you, even after rejection your confidence should be with you, Accept Rejection like you have the world outside. This confidence in your eyes will sell your product. No fear of rejection, the conversation with the use and need for the customer to sale it. I know you will because I have tried it and succeed in it.