1. Learn to listen

Listening is a very important habit which helps us to understand different types of Thinking from different types of people and this habit usually come into existence when you want to learn so it is simultaneous that if you want to learn then you should be silent.

And this word silent comes from listening.

When you will listen to different types of people and their food their thought process they’re working their workflow their working pattern you will understand their experience this is the fastest method to learn and grow into your life.

So Robert Kiyosaki the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad always tell that we should learn to listen because by listening we can get so many things and this is the lesson which I want to share that you should listen. And now coming back to the second thing

2. Surround yourself with people smarter than you

If you want to become if you want to smart if you want to learn something if you want to bro you should be with the people who are actually greater than you who have much more knowledge than you according to the age experience it can matter but he should be smarter educated. When we have this type of people surrounded by we should listen that we should understand their learning ability we should take knowledge and experience of the year and by this ability we can obviously grow in our lives with not much particular time span in my personal life I am working at the age of 17 year and but working I have worked with many intelligent smarter people who have market knowledge who have various skills and help need to grow in my life and grow the type of skills and you must think to remember that those smarter people must have the ability to share you should share your knowledge and that person who sharing on knowledge is a God for you so you should respect in every day and every sense of your life

3. Reinvest excess cash generated by assets

Coming back to the monetary terms rich dad always suggested us to reinvest many opposite thing how to run best we have just got the profit we should make a cash flow of the recurring income and use it to regenerate more acid and rejected more profit actually this process is followed by many More Power Grid investors like Warren Buffett and Gary Vee who have regenerated the cash from the cash discount

We should invest in profit so that we can earn more money with the cash and from this processor cash flow is increasing day by day.

4. Work to learn, not to earn

“Earning is important for survival but learning is important for life

These lines I have learned from my life that earning can be done by any work, you know why I am saying that because they are very successful people whom I follow like Steve Jobs and unmask these all people were making so much money but have you noticed there was so much. Of new thing innovative new things and innovation takes place when you know about your field when you have done so much about and when these people were innovating something after innovation after renovation they have left the things which they have made why because they love the process if Steve Jobs at made iPhone 6 then he will not work on iPhone 6 he will only work on iPhone 7,8, 9, 10 same way as anonymous has developed an electric car is working to developed the higher version he is not working on the current model sote all love the process so becoming in the race of life successful people we should start learning because earning can be done anyways there are many ways to earn money but learning habit is seen in some people who actually want to grow because learning never stops whether you are 20,25, or 85 learning can be done at any age so this habits were built up from childhood so we should develop these type of habits to learn and does not focus on earning because running can be done at any age by any work because there are multiple ways to earn money you can see your blog on earning money how to make money.

5. Be in control over your emotions

We are always find of many things like money relation habits parents studies these all things are a part of life which are actually taking us into the emotional level emotionally and psychologically all these things are taking control over our life is all things are time-consuming and also we have to control them because time is money and time is everything in today’s world money can be earned but time can’t so we should to waste our time in unnecessary motions and take control over them like just if there is someone’s breakup and him is totally devastated and in a depression situation so we should take care of emotions and see what can happen now like if she is gone then there is nothing like that she will be because she will give something to him but yeah there is a method called controlling.

We should understand what’s the real concern if you are depressing and we are not working for a depression then it’s the total time waste recently when I was just broke up and I was just missing my ex yeah we have a mutual breakup I have wasted a lot of time in thinking just Wireshark why can’t we see back in my life so these all things were actually time-consuming and we should understand our emotions and work simultaneously on that and work positively to make our life positive if we are not working on our emotions when our life will be devastated with many things so we should focus on these things and make our lives good and positive

6. Aim for a more valuable asset

You can refer to my blog where I have told you there is a flow of assets.

There are different types of assets like app referral, royalty, YouTube monetization, Google AdSense, book writing, graphic designing web designing, web development, real estate, stock market, online marketing, there are multiple ways to earn money and there are different types of assets which we can build which gives the flow of income but we should make more valuable assets like comparative referral is much lower than real estate market so we should focus on all these things like we should make the value of acid which are important and which are taking more time and which can give us higher returns like in two days. There things which are giving higher amount of money and higher amount of Britain so nice one or more valuable assets comparatively and shorter time of and shorter span of assets like if you write a program which is server new lifetime then this-this is a very good scheme for your Assets of business ownership area state funnel online marketing which is giving high amount of money in today’s world because call also called high income so you should create high income and more valuable asset which you give you more money and make lots of money and powerful your acid caller comparative to your liability

7.Reduce expenses and liabilities

Expensive can be short and if you are traveling by car then you can travel by two-wheeler if you are traveling by your two-wheeler you can travel by bus so expenses and liabilities can be sorted are you can buy that that cell phone after sometime rather than taking on credit card you can take that expensive car expensive car after sometimes rather than driving your own car now you can save money rather than buying some Lottery ticket suit piece or things expenses should be evaluated liability should be evaluated and working on a personal finances the final chapter has never been taught us we should see how personal finance is working we should one on personal finances and make ourselves strong in the terms of monetary.

8. Buying luxury last not first

In today’s world luxury is at friend whomsoever earns money is showing of like personally I can have the Apple laptop Apple iPhone 7 but does it make sense don’t you think it’s just a luxury which I am going to show I can just bye a Skoda rather than a Mercedes

Yeah we can drive a two-wheelers rather than driving a sports bike these all things can be cut down and taking the necessary first then bonds then going back to the luxury we should not focus on luxury we should focus on that which things are most important and required and we should be the most acid, so that acid can generate more profit and then we can buy luxury goods

9. You can become what you study – so read a lot

Since childhood, I was so afraid of reading and I feel so bored about it but when I can say that I am a bookworm and my books.

Books have given me so much that in today’s world I am the if someone just leave me alone and there is a bookshelf of my favorite books obviously I will not be bored but why I was bored in my school time because they have taught me to rain there but where I am reading books which I love to read like there is a self column personality development column business management which I love to read I love this type of course I love to read because these books for helping me to grow in my personal life these books for helping me to grow my skills and prove myself so in particular I am learning a lot and this process is helping me to learn skills and knowledge and experience of different types of people who have read them who have wrote them super suggest this is the best habit which everyone and each and everyone can develop because experience takes time but reading someone’s experience and learning from that is so much easier than anything else so this is the one of the best hobby best habit which you can develop yourself to read a lot personally I read so many books so many blocks so many videos even so many video blogs so that I can learn.

10. Pay yourself first

You know when I am just got my first cheque of 7000 rupees in Indian rupees.

What I have done personally I haven’t give it to my parents or to anyone I have used it for myself yeah I am with selfish guy but actually I love to spend on myself for my whole life I was just seeing that I am getting down my list of things which I want but not this time when I just got my chair and I’ve used it for myself I have gone for a party I want for drinks I want for eating something driving something using my money on myself I have spent on myself and I loved it but what happens I love my life that yeah I have made it and I have done something for myself and that was my money and till that to now running $10,000 per month is it still a very good thing and I will always suggest you that be yourself first you are the one even at a bad situation there is the only one person who is with you actually the person in front of you are the person you see in the mirror yeah he is the one so you should spend on him no I am I right or wrong take care of yourself and.

Let’s end today’s blog and I love to share this type of things with you are please comment below if you want some new types of blog and new types of suggestion in the field of blogging and money making and best of luck for your desire life