Hello friends how are you doing

Today we are going to talk about with all the habits are going to be destructive for our life in the year 2019 basically the bad habits too are the threats of a line which are actually destroying our time and effort and stopping us to achieve our target

1. Trying to please everyone

This means we should not try to please everyone at every point of life we always please everyone whether it’s a situation for marks from a teacher or a thing from the parents we should just accept the truth and we should move on and try to build up new things and new ways to achieve our goals or things which we want to get so please don’t try to please anyone anytime soul it will be the best thing for our lives in 2019.

2. Overthinking

Overthinking is the major concern since we are born each and every time every night we are thinking about something and this is the situation when we are fully distracted over the things we are not focusing for stopping thinking about our lives.

Overthinking is a process when you are thinking about so many things that time and and using a time to think about things which are not important or grateful for us at a time to stop overthinking we should focus on one thing at a time and I’m usually focused on those things which will help us to grow in our day to day life

3. Living in the past

This is the major habit of so many youngsters in today’s life they all were living in the past means which is actually happened and things which are actually happened to words but surely we should not focus on those things and we should focus on your future and present as a great lines said by our great leaders that past is a history future is a mystery that’s why we call it present a gift because it is in our hands so please don’t leave on past because whatever happened to you for the past experience is it will not tell your future because the present will tell you how you are going to do it’s so please don’t focus on your past because one or another day you are going to come up with all the things whether it’s a death or a failure you will move on surely with that

4.Hearing changes

Hearing changes is a process of life in which menu of us year whether it’s changed the house change in the stream change in the clothes even change in the habits favourite what’s the reason behind the fair is actually in front of us we don’t want to change your habits we don’t want to change your lifestyle and that’s the reason we are not giving up comfort level to achieve something great we should leave or comfort level or a comfort zone and work something great veg helps us to grow in it lives and these things were developed by only the changes which we are going to take we have to change your habits you have to change your mindset which has to change your lifestyle we have to change many things then only we can move forward and grow in our fullest.

5.Sacrificing your happiness for others

This is the very personal line I want to suggest to you menu offers always help others before helping ourselves we always take care of our parents friends teachers our brother and sister are siblings cousins each and everyone but what about the US just imagine in any of the situation when you are alone even when the fullest darkness were not understanding you there is the only one person who is actually with you on the one person if you just look at the mirror and see that one person you should take care of him you should help him in every situation he is the one who is actually supporting you when you are born till you die so please make yourself happy Falls it’s just like the airplane plan help yourself first then giving preference to others.

Love yourself

6.Thinking you are not good enough

Many of us think that we are not good enough for anything or anyone you know particularly what’s the worst thing in our life we always think that we are not the reason why we are not good because we have not done things which are understood or we are not good enough because we have in follower insting you can be anything but it should be basis on your past as I said in the begin. Start living in the present and we should not live on in the past so please don’t think about the past that you are not good enough you have done something wrong it’s nothing like that you are good and you are the one you will be not good in the guitar you may be not good in the programming but maybe you are good in the communication maybe you are good talking maybe you are good in creating something maybe you are good in thinking something maybe you are good at helping others this is all the way which will help us to be good and you are good enough to do something or anything to be good enough for every time

7. Being afraid to be different

Why can’t you be different doesn’t mean like a hold in the boat

You are different even each and every year is different in our own way and that is a USB if you are not different and you are following someone then I should say that you are on I’m on a bad track this track must be good for you but for Sunny Leone on my level it is not good to follow someone else you are the one who has your Unique Identity and you should develop that quality that that that many of people will follow you-you are not likely to be followed you all are likely to be the follower so let’s become a follower let’s give something to the humanity to the peoples around us and help them in some way and that will make us different that is making a difference in society making different for people

8.Thinking you have no purpose

Purpose is the biggest for which is helping us to grow

Purpose help us to follow your dreams are fashion purpose gives as a way to perform the actions which will take us to our ultimate Desire as we say the desired life is taking are giving purpose to people to fill out their lives so the same way we are helping peoples to grow so you should have a purpose if you haven’t made your purpose or you haven’t search for your purpose you should because in 2019 or 20 you have to decide it because if you haven’t then where your life is going what you actually want in your life a car A Home items of my account then it is nothing like that there should be a purpose like there is my purpose to give something to the humanity in the new era of Technology my ambition is to make a new era of innovation so you should also have a purpose so you can create something and fulfill your purpose

That’s all from my side thank you so much and this is Yash take care good night