How to do research and development

Today we’re going to talk about the research process how we can research

Most of the literature available regarding research as a multi stage process that one must follow in order to understand complete his research the precise number of stage wearing but they usually include problems formulation comma review of literature, ss formulation comma data collection and analysis and reporting.

In the majority of these research process is present today this lease of stages through which you must pass button reality it is very difficult to follow definite sequence and outline is stage comma in practical life you will be probably river stage more than once nice time you revisit a stage with time to reply to on the sushi tissues and read define your idea. Then edition you will also need to consider ethical and axis issues during the process.

It can be illustrated to next few steps

1. Wish to do research
Research project start man somebody feels the need of searching the facts of cheating answers of the questions and solution to the problem hands first type of research process is too research

2. Formulae 3 and defining research problem

The first type of research process is problem formulation before starting research 212 have at least some idea of what we want to do this is the most problem and probably the most difficult part of dresses project ara searches must point problem and define it so that it become the beast for the subsequent process
Problem formulation is the starting point of the research project and once researchers tell about this he will able to choose the most appropriate research strategy and data collection and analysis take me
Meaning: Rss program refers to some subject difficulties which researchers experience scenario and want to find out solution for the same

Problem formulation refers to talk process of clarify the research shoppe in the initial stage of formulation of americans process process will be cutting and designing research ideas and we have a research idea but he needs to define the area into one that is visible one resources has done this need to send it in to research questions and objective and to write the research proposal for his project
Features of goods management research topic
1. As per requirement of management
2 as per the strength and interest of research
3. Financially bible
4. Related literature available
5. Comply bell in given time line

Objective of problem formulation
1. Clarity of research topic
2. Base of chosen most appropriate research strategy and data collection and analysis techniques
3. Turn the ideas in to research questions and objectives
4. Express the problem contact

Steps in problem formulation: Pro problems formulation process involved spoiling step
1. Generating research ideas
First episode problem formulation is generating of research ideas there is range of technique is that can be used to find and select the topic that one would like to research most frequently used techniques for generating ideas are rational thinking and creative thinking one can use come combination of both techniques for generating a good idea.
2. Examine strengths and trust
It is very important for the reserves that research topic must selected for the trains and interest of the research so next step in problem formulation text to examine the rooms friends and interest of project in the field of research restaurant and interest will provide with the opportunity to display clearly his death of knowledge and his enthusiasm.

3. Searching the literature
Next happen problem formulation is review of available literature this includes review of
1. Articles in academy send professional general
2. Reports
3 books
This give a base for the better understanding of the topic

4. Exploring personal reference
Next step is to match the ideal with personal reference of research to do this reminds in 1993.

5. Looking at limitations
For problem formulation reservations should know also look at limitations life financial limit time limited sector

6. Integrated ideas
The integration of ideas from different techniques is it essential if research is to have a clear direction and not action and not contain amazon has between objective and financial research report.
7. Defining research objectives
Last app in problem formulation is defining resource objective which leads to selection of richard strategies and data collection and analysis in same direction

3. Review the literature
Monster problem is formulate aid next steps to undertaker extensive literature survey connected with a problem for this purpose that’s trusting and index in general and published on published bibliography are the next first place to go on academic generals conference proceedings comma the mint reports comma book etc. must be tab 2 depending on the nature of the problem in this process comma it should be remember that one source will be late to another earliest it is a funny comma which are similar to study in hand should be careful studied.

4. Setting of hypothesis

When we have to proceed towards some destinations the part of which is not motors what beach in delhi do is to form and idea how we were both about the direction in which the place is likely to be located then we start on some possible way that is expected to leaders to our distance leslie make mistakes changer roots x x battery proceed cautious land in right direction way about to reach our destination

definition of hypothesis
George a lumber has define date in the following words
“the hepatitis is our tentative general eyes asian comma the validity of remains to the tested dot n its most elementary stage the hypothesis navy in 5 comma imagine tv ideas from our which becomes the basis of action or investigation”

On the basis of our weekend see that hypothesis is not a theory intern related to theories in moore celebrated nature as compared to hepatitis the element of general is asian is present in both but the theory is more elaborate as compared to hypothesis it is derived from theory itself it has also general eyes ration which is and when tested and found correct becomes the part of the theory there is only difference in degree and from hypothesis is a speech that receipt formulation of theory.

Difficulties in the setting of hypothesis
1. Lack of clear theoretical background – do not have a haircut and define definite theoretical background because of this weakness it is not easy to reach certain conclusions
2 lack of logical background- hypothesis is not only a lack of definite and unclear cut theoretical background but they also like of logical use of theoretical background in other words it means that there is no logical background
3. Lack of knowledge of scientific method – it is always not possible to have a complete information of an event is with scientific method for formulation of hypothesis. Dislike of scientific knowledge presents difficulty in formulation of hypothesis

Sources of hypothesis

Good and hat have given the following sources of hypothesis
1. General culture
2. Scientific theory
3. Analogue
4. Personal experience

Features of hypothesis

1. Specific
2. Concept chili clear
3. Related to available techniques
4. Related to body of theory
5. Simplicity
6. Capable of empirical text

Importance of hypothesis

1. Hypothesis gives quanto enquiry
2. Hypothesis helps in deciding the direction in which you have to proceed
3. Health in selecting relevance actors
4. Hypothesis helps in drawing specific conclusions

5. Research design

After the formulation of the hypothesis comma it has to be tested whether it is in order on north this is called as emperor call taste of hypothesis for this are designed has to be drawn through this design of research vr able to test the varsity of hypertension on the basis of the resulting that design means adopting the types of techniques of research which is most suited for research and study of the problem masturbation study and research of problem proper material has to be selected and collected this collection of data determines the study and it has to be done according to that design.

6. Looking at ethical and axis issues

Next age of faces problem is explore issues related to ginni access and to research a ticket office advice on how to gain access go to organisations and student is potential ethical issues are important in relation to each stage of research process and different data collection methods. Issues of data production are also important

7. Data collection
Indian with any realize problem latest found that daughter at hand la inadequate and hence it becomes necessary to collect data data appropriate.

There are several days of collecting the appropriate data some of these

1. Sampling
2. Observation
3. Personal interview
4. Questionnair

8. Data analysis

After the doctor has been collected comedy search restaurants to the task of analysing them the analysis of requires number of rosary related operation searches establishment of category comma the application of these categories to rod artist reporting combination and then ron’s particle interference daughter tata should unnecessarily be condensed into a few manager bill group and tables for further analysis daughters comma researchers show the clarify laura classify the road aata into some purpose flour usable categories data analysis techniques can be body is under to grow quantitative techniques qualitative techniques

1. Quantitative technique
2. Qualitative technique

9. Generalisation

The next up in the scientific research in general i was not trying of entrance after the date has been collected analyse and pussies did we have to drop brought conclusion that may be used for the purpose of education later on the method of general eyes asian maybe bradley classified into two groups
1. Logical methods
2. Statistical method

10. Report writing and presentation

Dog final stage of research project in ballston reporting and presentation of the finding of the study it is right and then the result should be presented effectively and free from my businesses this information is ultimate epass to the decision maker who may have had little funny comma involvement with the research study be on the commissioner status therefore comma it is important that results of the study resent it clearly and according to the needs of the client.