Basically today we are going to talk about, how we are going to earn $10,000 per month.

So basically we will be going to start with the skills which we have done by these skills we can actually earn money because by just sitting at home we can’t earn up to $10,000per month in the long term we can but still we can only be honoured by the skills ok so let’s begin with the top most kills which will help us to earn $10,000.

  1. UI Designing 

So the first skills UI designing is the user interface designing of the web development because development is the part of the beginning of the section of the application which we are going to build but the designing of that is actually most important part which will help the user to work on it and use it very effectively so UI designing has a good scope and most of the good industries are actually hiring freelancers and paying much enough to live a good life like skills for UI design

2. Web / App Development

Now we are going to talk about the second best skill which will help us to earn $10,000 per month.

This is the second best skill, web development or app development. you know now what is online world is going so much and  in last 4 to 5 years online world has been so much growing of traffic on what we can see the gently which are actually using web or an app so most of us have usually had Android phones or iOS phones iPhone and all of them were running on applications the applications which are actually helping us to make our life more easy and accessible and every APP consists of a solution for a problem and all of us can think about some good solutions for a regular problem so basically what we have to do is we just have to find the problem and get a basic solution for that in the

world of online and we have to just publish it so web development and app development is very good skill which has a good amount of money in our hands or pockets because in web development or app development you can directly do a freelancing or sell the head or you can just publish your own app for web and earn through ads and by getting more traffic you will get so much amount of at amount and get PPC per click payment so that is a good thing.

3. Selling

Now coming back to the third skill this is basically the selling part you know how selling is working basically to work it or you need to publish something you need to senll, ok so in the field of today’s world if you want to really want to earn even not just $10,000 for if you want to sell would have some money there is a skill called sales how you can send so basically if you are selling something like there are many options to sell software application and Products and by those things you can earn so much even in my locality there are many peoples who are actually earning just by Reference like there is a company called Indian bulls who is actually giving good handsome amount for just taking the loan from my referral code so if my referral code is Yash211999 so if someone uses this kind of reference like this is my referral and if he published that and uses for taking loan soon Indian possible give me a good hand from and referral amount so what actually I have to do I have to sell software or help other people’s to know about the product and their services and just by my referral as I have just suggested them they can use my referral link and I will get a handsome payment for that reference so basically this is a good skill mean by which we can earn $10,000per month

4. PPC Management

OK coming back to the 4th SKill this is basically Facebook ads actually in today’s world there are many types of ad agencies who are charging much higher for online or digital marketing so if you know Facebook ad Management which is also called PPC management in other languages but if you know that and you can handle the Facebook traffic and choose the right gentry for the right product and you generated and if you can generate cells for that and for that you can get a handsome payment in  dollars per month this is a full-time business which is actually going by FB and this is all that games which is actually helping us to grow in our daily lives Facebook ad is a very good platform to grow and if you know that have pros and cons of that you can actually work on that so I would suggest you Facebook ad is a good option and if you like to obtain and use Facebook frequently you can use these skills and also coming back to another skill and I would definitely suggest this Facebook Ad Management SKill, because personally I am doing it it is called PPC management I am doing it in Facebook ad management and Google AdWords so if you if anyone wants to take my services you can take any time so thank you so much and now we are moving to the next skill.

4. Copywriting

Ok soon another skill which is going to help us for earning $10,000per is copywriting which you understand by copywriting is just copy and paste skill but it is not like that copywriting is a skill with basically which is a high income skills and this help us to withdraw good traffic in two different fields all segments of work so copywriting is a skill which is actually helping us or the client to give direct impact to the product all the things and learn like if I have a product basically SLimest phone in the world so the copywriting is the tagline of the short story which is actually helping people to understand and get a quick review about that like this is my phone and this phone is a world’s slimmest phone what comes into your mind it is obviously it is like Panasonic phone which is actually told to the world’s slimmest phone and this line world slimmest phone is given by the copywriter Who is Who has actually charged or not just $10,000 more than that it means much higher than that so copywriting is a skill which is basically the presentation and the creativity how you are going to present the product or the service at the first view so basically you can use this scale for the product development and for the brand promotion and in the personal life you can also use that because it is much good skill to work and for the businesses and this is so much and demand actually since 2016 it is working and this is called the high-income skills because and so much little time it has grown so much so now we are going to move to the next skill.

5. Product Ownership or Royalty

Next is product ownership which is one of the oldest skill which is actually working till now and it will obviously help you to earn $10,000per month like i have a way product called local Search Engine which is operating in Central Asia in India and it’s India’s most reliable search engine which is actually helping Tier 2 tier 3 tier 4 cities together all the material together or the businesses together and help small peoples to go through the online world and avail the services in the developing country like India so when I have developed that there is an agreement for the product which is basically for the Loyalty program and like this I have developed the product so I have the product ownership and I have the royalty program of 25% of profit per year so basically at the product ownership our product ownership of 25% which is actually giving me a passive income I am earning much more than $10,000per month so if you are using it so it will help you it needs lots of time and lots of lots of things to build up but yeah obviously if you have built one of the sources of information it is more easily to build another income product ownership is a very good option and if you need some help for the business Consulting and product ownership you can directly contact me at the contact button which is best basically just above that and you can take any kind of advice free advice for the businesses and the startups I am helping personally to grow everyone for their businesses and startups even you can earn $10,000per not just unit of work on it and have a strong dedication to work so thank you from my side this is Yash Verma and take care for yourself and I will see you in the next block thank you so much