Nature and scope of marketing

Marketing concept

Marketing is perhaps the most complex and challenging function performed by every business. The term marketing is very comprehensive 1. Marketing starts well before production comments and hands only after rendering after sale satisfaction it is the set of those activities necessary and incidental to bring about exchange relationships it is the skill of selecting and fulfilling consumer Desire in such a way that others of money put in being back maximum return the American Marketing Association has define marketing as “the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer to user”
But this definition has certain limitation it does not cover all the functions of marketing in the present society it really concentrate on the physical flow of goods from the centre of production to the centre of consumption.

Today the consumer is the king of the market but the definition given by does not say anything about the consumer needs and Desire or about customer satisfaction this is the product oriented or sales oriented definition sellers market marketing concept marketing has a very important role to play meaning scope and functions of marketing have expanded now what is marketing plays an important role to product planning and demand forecasting
According to Philip Kotler
Marketing is the analysis planning implementation and controlling of programs designed to bring about desired Exchange with target audience for the purpose of personnel and mutual came at realises heavily on the adoption and coordination of product price place and promotion for achieving effective response

This definition covers a good deal of marketing function the main elements of modern marketing management administrative activities and suggest ideas of marketing mix and marketing segmentation

The term marketing can be defined from to view points micro and macro full forms and national point of view

Marketing marketing micro marketing
The thrust of micro marketing is on the individual form it may be described as the processes formulating and implementing certain policy by a firm like product strategy pricing promotion and distribution Tech and shows flow of goods and services from one Android to another profitability
Micro marketing reveals two aspects first pretentious need satisfying goods marketing should we begin with the custom and not with the production secondly marketing but not production should decide what products are to be made fix based on consumer oriented approach of marketing at the centre of all marketing activities

Micro marketing
Undertaker system marketing may be viewed as a complex system of organisation and processes by which the Nation’s resources are distributed among the people to satisfy their needs micro marketing is not emphasize on the activities of an individual organisations but is only the in a wider sense micro marketing is concerned with actively a society uses its resources and how failure dialogue kids it output of goods and services both in short run and long run in the words of malkin P mcnair macro marketing is a fundamental societal process which necessarily american TV awards within a society to facilitate the effective and efficient resolution of the society is need for exchange of consumption value.

Modern concept of marketing
The new managerial awareness and Desire reflected in the consumer orientation for an all out commitment to the market consideration and the dovetail call marketing operation to the consumer needs has given birth to a new operational function called the Marketing concept concept School is the key to achieve organisational code consists in determining the needs and wants of target Markets and delivering the Desire of satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than computers the difference between the old concept of marketing for example selling and new concept of marketing may be more clearly explain with the help of diagram the old concept for example selling focuses on the need of the seller and marketing on the need of the wire preoccupied with the sellers need to convert his product into cash but the new concept of marketing is not confined to sales and promotion yahan it is Integrated Marketing or another word it is interaction of several business activities bhind satisfaction of customer

According to FL Bridge
Source of data mining consumer needs for a product or service motivating its sales and distributing it into ultimate consumption at a profit
Peter drucker purpose of business is to create a customer this stress on two aspects identification of consumer needs and organising the business to meet these needs

Therefore marketing which is consumer oriented the business firms produces
Types of products which the consumer requires
The quantity that consumers need
The product at the price that the consumer can easily
The place and time that suits the consumer’s most

The essence of modern marketing
Concept and marketing have undergone significant changes as witness in the real 18 approach was Sholay exclusively product oriented in the first half of the 28 century its approach there after bikini sale oriented in the middle of the century and now it is consumer oriented at the back end of the century to fulfill and utilise the Marketing concept to serve the needs of the form and n terms increase the sales of the phone through consumer satisfaction a dynamic marketing organisation must be willing to undertake the following specific activity is usually known as four pillars of Marketing concept are
Defining the marketing area target market
Research consumer needs and wants
According to Mahatma Gandhi half a century ago
Is the most important visitor to our establishment not dependent on us we depend on him he does not disturb us in our work he is the purpose of it not alien in our business is part of it not do him a favour when he does Acer fever Mai making it possible for us

According to Peter drucker the purpose of business is to create a customer by which he Lays stress on two aspects for
Identification of consumer needs and organising the business to meet these needs
Formulation of suitable market policy to achieve the desired level for satisfaction
Modern Marketing concept of therefore is a focus on the consumer section this involves consciousness and organised organised efforts by the marketers to find out the community needs and how best it can be help the community derive the fullest satisfaction for from the marketer.