The quest for everything starts with Search.

This pretty much says the importance of Search Marketing for a Brand. There are two ways to improve Search presence of a Brand.

1. Paid Search Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization

Paid Search is about bidding and buying keywords relevant to the product/service being offered.

These search results will appear right at the top of a search engine’s results page as a sponsored link.

Paid Search gives a higher control to ensure the sites/pages are listed in Google Search Results Page (SERPs), Google Display Network or partner websites.

 Started with Paid Search
  • To start with, you would need Google Adwords account.
  • Create Keywords and Keyword groups (Ad groups) for which the Ad needs to be shown.
  • For each keyword set a maximum Cost per Click (CPC) value.

Now, Adwords will start showing ads to people who are actively searching for related products/services.


  • CPC is known as the maximum amount an advertiser is ready to pay for a Keyword.
  • Advertisers need to pay the Search Provider only when one clicks on the advertisement and is routed to the website.
  • Adwords can be used to run targeted ad campaigns, controlling who should view the ad, location, day, and time.
AdWords Auction

When a user performs a search, Google checks if multiple advertisers are bidding for a keyword that is relevant to the given search query. If yes,

  • Google enters the keyword for auction along with the preset maximum Bid.
  • Aside bid, Google looks for another parameter, Quality Score.
  • These two parameters together determine the Ad Rank/Ad Position.

Note: While choosing right keywords and max CPC is important, it is more important to make sure the website/landing page is optimized for higher conversion rates.


Conversion from a Visit to Transaction orRegistration or any Desired Output should be measured closely and optimized.

Every click costs, so why not make sure its worth it!

Ad Auction can be Rewarding

While advertisers set max CPC for their ad, the amount they pay is not just the same. Advertisers with high Quality Score end up paying less for a higher position.

Google Ad Auction always rewards advertisers having highQuality Score.

Aim of Ad Auction

Ad Auction aims at connecting advertisers with their potential customers at the lowest price.

Paid Search Beyond Google
  • MSN and Yahoo controls PPC for their websites, respectively. It works similar to Google.
  • Amazon Paid Search Marketing – Does not require a monthly fee or minimum spend. However, only specific product categories are eligible.
  • Ask maintains a lower CPC than Google, Yahoo, and MSN. With 95 million users, Ask provides a reach to users who might not use the other search engines.