Complementing Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic way to ensure the products and services are featured prominently in other relevant search situations.

Over 60% of the Click Throughs are driven by the top three search results.

For being listed at the top of the organic search results, web pages need to have higher rankings.

The ranking algorithms are proprietary to each search engine and are determined by various factors like content quality, keywords, backlinks, metadata, etc.

Factors Influencing SEO

SEO is primarily keyword driven involving on-page optimization.

One needs to ensure placement of important keywords in content, title, sub heading, meta description, meta titles, anchor text and image attributes.

However, right keywords are not enough to ensure a top place on SERP.

Factors Influencing SEO

Develop healthy backlinking profile.

Backlinks from reputed sites with quality content is a thumbs-up for search engines.

While Keywords ensure search engine finds the page, back links improve the trust level.

Backlinks can be generated by creating shareable content such as blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics.

Content Marketing Side Effects

Many factors need to be taken into consideration while optimizing a site for Search. We will not discuss all these factors in this course. For now, it is important to understand:

Well crafted content is the key for Search Marketing.

It does not just get you on to the top of SERPs, but it can also help you find your way into:

  • Google Answer Box
  • Questions for search queries
  • Auto Suggest

All these can help you generate more Organic traffic and higher conversions.

SEO – Final Note
  • Both Organic and Paid Search are equally crucial for a Brand.
  • Create quality content that users find engaging and worth sharing.
  • 50% of the browsing happens on mobile. Hence ensure the site is Mobile Friendly.
  • Create Robot.txt file to ensure search engines do not index files that contain confidential information.

There is lot more to SEO as well as CPC Marketing and we will go into deeper concepts.