Welcome to The Desire Life. This blog is all about the share of information. Everyone knows something, But Not Everyone knows everything. So The Desire Life is just beginning with the aim of spreading knowledge which will help you solve your day to day task & problems. Each & Everyone is Fresher & New in this field but I m sure we can help you in some way which will help you and support us. As you have visited us now, I feel you should just check our about us. Each & Every posts which We will be publishing in future will be based on my self experience & best of our knowledge.
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Hi I’m Yash Verma, Me & My Team have started this website to share information & real life experience. This is Public Blog where you can interact because everyone knows something. You Can give suggestions & what you know. I think there are various things which I know & I can work on it. But Many things which I can’t so I m here to Reduce that gap & fill all ours Minds with topics related to:-
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1. Make money online
2. Startup
3. Social Media
4. Review
5. Personality Development
6. Marketing
7. Life Hacks
8. How To
9. Career
10. Business
11. Blogging
12. SEO

All the above contents are related to different fields & interest as our team has interest in different fields. The Desire Life is a Family Now, & I want you to join this family. Today we have just started where we can count our self in fingers. But we are growing now, These above content is very useful in every aspect in everyone’s daily life. As we will start even for beginner level too. You must have seen above the Book Column, Yups that’s the source where we are getting everything, I mean as said “Every Successful Leader is a Reader”. So Lets Read, Even you can choose the best book for you.
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Yash Verma