Top 12 Popular Back Office Jobs in India

The back office is an important section of any organization, comprising administration and support personnel, who are not involved in client-facing jobs. There are different functions and responsibilities in back office jobs.  All kinds of management support to help simplify front office operations and production are provided by the back office team. A back office vacancy needs to be filled up at the earliest in all organizations because even if the back office operations are not considered prominent, yet these are a major contributor to an organization’s or business’ success. Hence, a candidate needs to remain alert to apply for a back office executive job immediately when there is a requirement. Time-to-time, you will come across different back office jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities. Back office skills are usually administrative-related skills, though other skills like as time management, problem-solving, patience are essential requirements.

Popular Back Office Jobs in India

There are different types of back-office functions right from settlements, to clearances, from regulatory compliance to record maintenance, from accounting to IT services, and so on. Back office jobs are typical internal jobs where there is no face-to-face client interaction but include all functions that provide customer support. A back office executive job is required behind the scenes at any office or company. The popular back office job functions include the following jobs:

  1. Data Entry: Making a database in a systematic order for easy access to different business tasks.
  2. Data Mining: The process of collecting or sorting major information, relation, patterns through large data sets and make a data analysis to identify solutions of various problems.
  3. Data Conversion: The process by which relevant data information can be used in an organization to suit the needs of various business tasks.
  4. Procession of Orders: A back office vacancy in the job role of order processing is a very important profile in today’s ecommerce scenario. Here, the job role is to process various orders of the organization/business in a proper way so as to fulfill the requirements of the client.
  5. Data Digitization: Here, the data information is readily made available to different departments/offices of an organization.
  6. Catalog Management: This is a back office executive job where lists of products presented online on offer or launch of new products or removal of out of stock products’ data are managed smoothly.
  7. Database Building: Back office jobs in business associations require candidates to build new database that helps total valuable data.
  8. Data Management: Data management are important back office jobs in Mumbai or any other city, where the job role involves any drafting, storing, gathering, authentication or verification of documentation, adhering to legal, organizational, and contractual policies.
  9. Project management: Another important back office executive job is management of projects. Operations like as ordering, tracking, and delivery of goods are taken care of by the back office team.
  10. Data Analysis: Back office jobs also involve providing effective analysis about market and consumer trends through proper R&D. The analysis is kept documented and used when there is the need by the management.
  11. Market Research: A back office vacancy can also be associated with marker research. The job involves back office executives to study market trends and analyze behavior to extract the present and future impact of circumstances that may have on the business or the company. In other words, consumer behavior is studied in this job profile.
  12. Finance & Accounting: Back office executive also have to look after the company’s finances in terms of maintaining a record of invoices, receipts, checks, bills, financial reports, statements, etc.