Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketers use multiple channels such as Email, Social Media, SMS, PPC, retargeting ads, Microsites and Mobile apps to ensure they reach their customers effectively and meaningfully.

Also, they use campaign management tools like Adobe Campaign and HootSuite to orchestrate and manage campaigns across these channels and give a personalized experience to the users.

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing aims at leveraging multiple channels to connect with consumers at various touch points and drive higher conversion.

Before getting started with an integrated digital marketing campaign, it is important that the marketers understand:

  • Who their actual target customers are? Where are they? What do they do? What do they like?
  • What type of content was well received by their customers in the past?
  • Which digital channels perform well for their brand?

Answers to the majority of these questions can be obtained by analyzing the performance of past campaigns.

Understanding Your Customer
Understanding Your Customer

For any brand to be successful, it is essential they understand and value their customer. There starts the need for a Unified view of the customers.

This requires aggregation of data and building customer profile using the information they share on social media, websites, mobile apps, shopping history and how they respond to their content/campaigns.

Unified view of the customer evolves in real time with each new insight and interaction.

This information can be used by marketers to understand their customers, their preferences, interests, runs targeted campaigns and deliver personalized experiences.

Integrated Digital Marketing Process

Once we have a good idea about the channels and target customers, we can start working towards launching an integrated marketing campaign.

This broadly involves four steps:

Plan: Integrated marketing plan should include content creation, content repurposing, amplification, and syndication of content across all digital channels.

Execute: Align both internal and external teams like agencies and third party players to ensure smooth execution of the campaign.

Analyze: The success of any campaign is the ability to measure. Spend time to analyze the performance of the campaign across channels and how the content is performing for various segments.

Optimize: Leverage insights from analysis to produce smarter content and plan future investment on the channels.

Success of Integrated Digital Marketing

For a successful campaign, one should leverage various channels to engage meaningfully across touch points, at the right time and deliver an excellent user experience.