Digital Marketing as an area is fully loaded with tools – both open source and commercial.

Some of these tools help in creating content, some help in distributing content and yet others assist in measuring the effectiveness of content and campaigns.

Making sense of the universe of digital marketing tools could get overwhelming even for the main stream marketers.

Over next few cards, we will learn about some of the popular marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Tools
Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a fully integrated suite of digital marketing solutions – Adobe Campaign, Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social, and Adobe Experience Manager.

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Sales Force Marketing Cloud

Sales Force Marketing Cloud is a suite of connected Marketing solutions which enable marketers to create personalized customer journeys, engage at the right time through e-mail, web, mobile and social channels.

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Sales Force Marketing Cloud Solutions
Sales Force Marketing Cloud Solutions

Social Studio – Manage brand advertising across all leading social media sites.

Email Studio – Build 1:1 relation with the customer by delivering right messages at the right time.

Mobile Studio – Deliver Responsive web sites, email, targeted push notification messages, engaging audio and video clips.

Web Studio – Deliver web experiences that are dynamic and highly interactive.

Advertising Studio – Connect marketing and CRM data to create personalized customer journeys, acquire new customers, re-engage with an existing customer and optimize Media buying.

Amazon Advertising Platform

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) enables advertisers to reach Amazon shoppers via display ads and video ads on:

  • Amazon sites
  • Sites across the web
  • Third party mobile apps on Android, iOS and Kindle Fire.

Apart from Display and Video Ads, it also supports full screen Interstitial adsThese ads are displayed at transition points like between activities or during the level advancement in a game.


Social media management tools can simplify and ease the entire process of social media monitoring and engagement across channels. Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools.

  • It has a social dashboard that combines feeds coming from various social media channelsand provides a single view.
  • It also offers the ability to post/schedule posts to all these channels and converse with the customers from a single place.