Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising involves planning and buying ad spaces on social networking sites to display brand ads.

These platforms provide more insights about the customer and thus comes the opportunity to push highly targeted ads.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Adverts is an excellent platform for advertisers to run campaigns and deliver ads on Facebook, Instagram and other apps/websites listed in audience network.

Marketers can run campaigns with varied objectives like driving brand awareness, reach, enrollments, sales or even showcase new products.

Facebook Adverts Capability

Adverts allow advertisers to:

  • Target specific set of users by demographics, location, marital status, life events and even specific words used in their profiles.
  • Use various ad formats like static banners, carousel, slideshow, a collection of images and videos to deliver a story.
  • Remarket to users by embedding Facebook Pixel on their websites.
  • Drive Direct Sales using the Buy Now Option.
Advertising on Twitter
Advertising on Twitter

Both Facebook and Twitter ads are driven by a similar objective. Targeting, bidding and buying ad space also works very similarly.

However, Twitter does not know as much about its users and hence advanced targeting features that are available on Facebook are not possible on Twitter.

With over 300 million active users, advertising on twitter is still worth including in the content marketing mix.

Advertising on Pinterest
Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest Ad Manager allows brands to promote their pins to increase awareness.

They look like regular pins but allow advertisers to select key words and target audience who can be shown the Pin.

Advertising on Youtube

Youtube being part of the Google Ecosystem enables targeting based on the user’s search history along and their viewing behavior.

Videos being a more engaging form of content, Video Ads could be more effective. Youtube Video Ads can be categorized into three types.

  • In-Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • In Stream Ads

There are also static Overlay Ads that appear over the video, typically in the bottom 20% of the video screen.

Youtube Video Ads
Youtube Video Ads
  • In-Search Ads – appear in response to a search query typed into the YouTube search box.
  • Display Ads – appear as a related video in the side bar when the user is already watching another video.
  • In Stream Ads – play before, mid roll or after user watches a selected video. Viewers sometimes have the option to skip these ads after watching it for five seconds.
Google AdWords for Video Ads

Google AdWords can be used to run Video Ad Campaigns on both YouTube and other web spaces that are part of Google Display network.

AdWords offers a number of options to enable advanced targeting and get better returns for ad spend.

  • Ability to choose OS, mobile device, and carrier
  • Varied Bids for mobile vs tab vs desktop
  • Limit impressions by day, days of the week and time of day
  • Advanced targeting by Keyword, placement, etc.
Which Advertising Platform is Best?

Each of these channels offers a plethora of options to run advertising campaigns. However, no one clear cut winner works better than the other.

Which social platform works better for a brand is influenced by various factors like:

  • Where their customers spend the most time?
  • When are they most receptive to act?
  • Ad uniqueness, content quality, target group, context relevance, compelling call to action and more.

It is recommended that the brands try, analyze and optimize their ad strategy.

Social Media Success

Social Media Advertising is more about telling Stories and making Connections, than a Broadcasting medium.