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In this Blog we’re going to talk about a few principles in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

This book is very old fashioned a lot of the principles in a lot of the words vocabulary that Napoleon uses are very old-fashioned.

Think & Grow Rich talk about principles so,

The Desire

The first principle that I really got out of this book was the desire if you want to get rich you have to have a burning desire in you and it will lead up into the second principle will make it very effective

Auto Suggestion

The Second principle is auto suggestion,That is you have to use auto suggestions now this is basically whatever environment you place yourself in your going to be your subconscious mind is going to start taking in stuff you put yourself in environments that will produce profit now this isn’t necessarily just profit as in money I mean profit as in profit to your well-being will make you a better person I heard ones that you are an average of the five people that you spend most of your time around so you can use it to your advantage take right now and write down a list of the top five people that you spend most of your time around and see how they are making you a better person.

Napoleon Hill suggest that you should come up with a written statement usually five or six sentences that basically sums up your purpose in life and every day you need to read them out loud because they will be driven into your subconscious mind and every day it will get stronger and stronger in your subconscious mind picking up on things that will lead you to your goals so far too is under suggestion put yourself in places that you will become profitable and read your mind with books and knowledge in reading and videos and people that are going to make you stronger and work harder and they’re gonna push you to grow rich

Create your mastermind

The Third principle is called the masterminds behind this is basically you need to be around people who are going to help you basically let’s say that there’s one human and they made another human who is the opposite sex they get together and they made and they have a baby so what kind of math is this generally this is one human human equals three humans Napoleon Hill says that the same thing works with ideas if you get one idea and you were around the person who has another idea you’re going to produce a third idea and he says that it’s actually exponential if you get three ideas three people together you’re gonna end up with maybe twenty new ideas imagine if you get five or six people together with hundreds of new ideas and you have to use these ideas to become profitable never going to move on to fourth principle.

Specialize knowledge

The Fourth principle and that is specialized knowledge and he gives us great example the Henry Ford was in this line of questioning he brought he was brought in for questioning about the profitability of his company because he’s making so much money they thought he was doing dirty stuff so they bring him in for questioning and they start asking a whole bunch of questions and he gets he starts to get really upset he said “if I should really want to answer the foolish questions you have just asked or any of the other questions you have been asking me let me remind you that I am a row of electric push buttons on my desk and by pushing the right button I can call any man who can answer any question whenever, I desire to ask concerning the business which i’m devoting most of my efforts and this is the part I really stood out to me now  will you kindly tell me why I should clear my mind with general knowledge for the purpose of being able to answer questions” and this is the basic principle that I got from this book which is specialized knowledge napoleon says in the book knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application so just knowing something doesn’t make it profitable you have to be able to apply it in the basically goes on to say this is why college degrees are going down in value because anyone can get a college degree we have to be able to learn how to apply it correctly and this goes with the statement that the more you learn the more you earn it’s ok to have a lot of general knowledge but if you’re going to be an entreprenuer or issuer wanting to grow rich need to have little field of specialized knowledge that you know a lot and will be in the position to get the general knowledge from someone else by Google or a friend


The fifth principle that I got from this book is persistence and I have found this on to become extremely helpful in my situation for example this Blog has been up for about two years & I have made while I think I believe that this is my 108th blog and I’m sticking with it I’m trying to make at least 5 Blog per month with high quality adding value to other people’s lives and I have to stick with it I know right now I’m only getting a couple hundred views per week but I know in a couple months I’m going to be dominating if I keep up with his persistence so let’s go over in review the five principles. I got from this book there are actually 13 but I got most value out of these five and that is you have to have a burning desire you need to use out of suggestions for your benefit put yourself in situations where you will gain you have to have a mastermind I mean you have to have people around you that if you need to know something you can learn easily have some specialized knowledge and you have to stay persistent the basis of this book is that everyone has a brain everyone can think you have to know how to think in order to get rich if you read all 13 chapters in this book you will learn how to use your brain effectively out this adds value to your life and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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