It is commonly said that the good Wall of China is that the only human-made structure which will be seen with the eye from space or the moon. This assertion has been perpetuated as an issue within the parlor game Trivial Pursuit. it’s also been included in schoolbooks across the planet , and was stated as true by the Ed Harris character within the 1998 movie The Truman Show. additionally , Richard Halliburton’s Second Book of Marvels makes this claim (despite the very fact that the book was published in 1938, before space exploration had begun). One school of thought is that the claim was made to convey the big scale of the wall and therefore the vastness of human achievement in building it. it’s now accepted that the statement is fake . From a coffee orbit of Earth (up to about 200 miles), many human-made objects are often seen with the eye . Highways, airports, buildings, and ships, also because the Chinese Wall , are often seen. The wall’s width ranges from about 15 to 30 feet, but when dust storms hit it, it becomes more visible at this close range due to the combined size of the wall and therefore the dust turbulence. But no human-made structures are visible with the eye above an altitude of a couple of thousand miles, and positively not from the moon. The moon is around 240,000 miles away, and from there, entire continents and oceans are barely visible without mechanical assistance. These facts are confirmed beyond any doubt by variety of astronauts.