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So today we are going to talk about ” internet of things” or “IoT(Internet Of Things)”,

Thousands of year ago internet has started without vision off of connecting and sharing data in various forms and today we have started connecting everything with internet – internet of things

In simple words

“The internet of things is a connection between internet and device successfully”

Internet of things – defining how it’s changed the world

Each and every day more and more devices are connecting to internet whether it is is your phone, laptop, television, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, light, electricity and many more things around you are connecting to internet and making a life more easier.

Internet of things consists of smart sensors which connects directly with the devices which controls them according to our meet.

It listens, understand and apply it.

From smartband we wear to to Wi-Fi, it is all over 6. 4 billion devices worldwide connected to internet. The overall aim of internet of things is to make our life more comfortable happy and easier.

For example, well known smart band company fitbit it is using smart bands to develop humans health track, record, observe and suggest with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning with just application.

The internet of things is developing on a very higher pace, according to techcrunch it is predicted that IoT(Internet Of Things) well grow from current to 30 billion more devices and it’s the best time for startups to to go for IoT(Internet Of Things).

Where internet of things can be used?

From your smartphone to your car, from your car to your home, from your home to your shoes. Yes that is true IOT(INTERNET OF THINGS) – devices can easily sense with smart sensor.

Just imagine if every devices is connected with your software or device, it will be so much helpful for many of the things which are not in our control. Our food habits, missing your things, remember anything, control anything, check its validity.

This is just for normal people, but if you think for big corporate MNCs it is so much beneficial if they can automate their all task from humans to machinery, this will not only reduce the operating cost but also so give more opportunity is to make people’s life more productive on thinking and making themselves creative.

By using internet of things- enable devices, you can track your heartbeat and your health with just one device.

You can track your foods in refrigerator and it can automatically order for fresh food even when you are at work.

How IoT (Internet Of Things) Devices works?

As we discussed, it needs a device and internet connectivity to to communicate and perform work but it is not possible just by any device. For example you might have to tell your machine two sense. If the computer can’t censored he will not tell you, and if there is problem in connectivity or access to internet. You will not receive the messages aur updates.

Show some of the basic things what we required for internet of things are:

  • Device: A device means a hardware which will communicate through internet(refrigerator, aC, home theatre,etc) these devices will connect with sensor and internet to do any software so so they can understand and respond
  • Protocols: A protocol is a set of rules or mechanical language. As we humans talk with other humans. Machines also have this type of language to communicate which is machine language aur mechanical language, so a protocol understand the the data, combined set and make it too understandable language like HTTP.
  • Cloud storage: As we have discussed that the protocol needs information and the conversation should be recorded so all these things and access points need storage and the hosting provides storage and location tu to store all things and make communication work.
  • Application of software: Basically the software is one of the things which are most essential to control and make task happen this software contains all the functionalities which will be connected with device.

These are some of the major things which we require for IoT(Internet Of Things) enabling devices to have all these things.

Features of IoT(Internet of things) – Enabled devices

We have discussed about what IoT(Internet Of Things) is doing to change the world but what you don’t know is now I am telling you,

IoT(Internet Of Things) works on an interesting feature which you will love to know about

  • Smart sensors

Internet of things devices won’t be running if there was no senses. Census was the smart part of the things to get and generate the data and detections which letter on convert into actions and behaviours. Sensing the technology is growing day to day by providing rich understanding of consumer behaviour

  • Connectivity

Internet of things devices best part is connectivity, these devices work on wireless network or connectivity which is making the transfer of data possible and the connectivity who helps to what better performance

  • Intelligence

Internet of things devices are working on artificial intelligence which is generating their own sensors and making it more strong and smart devices to make good decisions and life more easier

  • Integration

Internet of things devices are are capable connecting with numerous devices and this integrations helps various models to enhance User experience

  • Cloud storage

Internet of things devices works on the data which is stored on cloud storage which can be accessible anytime with connectivity and this makes it more improvise for today’s Tech

Pro’s of IoT(Internet of Things)

  • Real time monitoring

Internet of things devices work on real time usage and monitoring it provides you real time data which will later on tracked with application of software.

  • Predictive analysis

Internet of things devices give you predictive analysis about the previous data and with smart sensors it enables to give you to which can be best for you in future and what’s its current situation or condition

  • Better User experience

Internet of things has changed the way of human living and providing humans are better experience in day to day life with the internet of things enabled devices and Technology.

  • Reduce human efforts

Internet of Technology devices have enabled humans to use any device without moving from one place to another even it has minimise all the efforts to work on major task or important ones first

  • Cost effective

Internet of Technology devices are are cost effective because the production does not need ye Hai budget to make them comparatively with daily e efforts. It is very list cost compared to lifetime work

  • Enhance productivity

Internet of things enabled devices enables to keep and track on day to day activity and time to time actions which later helps you to to be a productive person with good reminders and working partner

  • Decision making ability

Any internet of things devices use your data to to make certain actions for you with the smart sensor ability which helps you to give suggestions and reviews from current scenario

Cons of IoT(Internet Of Things)

  1. Breach of privacy

Privacy is the most important issue which is gonna be shared with many peoples and internet of things devices with share each and every moment what we are doing what we are working with and what we are talking about so it’s a major issue if our data and day to day activity is shared with any third party.

  • Complex

Internet of things devices works totally on devices but it is unable to understand for normal person if he is not a developer or technical guy, very difficult to teach our elders about this technology.

  • Over dependence on technology

Internet of things enabled devices is ultimately taking our lives on their hand, which means we are more relying towards technology and not working on ourselves which is is making ourselves more lazy and more comfortable.


So guys today we have talked about internet of things, enable devices which will be our future. We are seeing that daily day today the devices are increasing technology is enhancing and we are increasing our connectivity with each and everything around us from the bulb to the bathroom to the washbasin everything is now working on smart sensors and internet of things devices it’s enabling each and everywhere so we can say that internet of things devices is the future of technology.

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