Hello Guys, Today We Are Going To Take One Of The Most Amazing Topics. I Want To Know About Which Is No Fap & Benefits of No Fap. No Fap Is Basically A Word Which Came Out Of The Word Fap. Which Is Basically The Sound Of Jerking Off You Know “Fapfapfap”.

But Now It Is “NoFap” Is Trademark And A Business

It is basically Avoiding “PMO”- Which Stands for “Porn, Masturbation & Orgasm”. & We have to avoid it in NoFAP

Basically Nofap Is Practiced In India From A Long Time, Which Is Like A Practice Of A Brahmachari. Many Of The People Don’t Know. That In Our History We Were Always Told About To Follow The No fap The Age Of 25 Years Old.

And I Want To Congratulate To You That You Are In This Blog. Searching For Nofap, You’re One Of The Top 1% Person In The World. Because Only One Percent Of The World Know The Secret Of Nofap.

It Is Not Hidden But People Actually Don’t See It As A Useful Thing. But The People Like Steve Jobs, Mohammed Ali, Swami Vivekananda, Nikola Tesla And Many More Famous Personalities. Were Following This To Achieve Greatness In Their Life.

Lord Krishna Addresses Arjun, How Our Mind Is Covered By It’s Eternal Enemy Lust, Which Is Satisfiable And Burns Like A Fire. And He Even Cause Lust As Destroyer Of Knowledge And Self Realisation. So Stay Motivated You Are On Right Path!!!!

In The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3; Verse 39-40:

So In This Blog How To Tell You About Some Of The Major Impacts Of Nofap. What Are The Benefits of No Fap And What Are The Essential Things Which You All Should Know About This So Let’s Begin

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits Of No Fap on Physical Level
  3. No Fap Benefits on Mental Level
  4. Challenge Guide for No Fap
  5. No Fap Transformation
  6. No Fap Meditation
  7. How To No Fap
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Benefits Of No Fap on Physical Level

Various Benefits Of No fap Especially At The Physical Level And Mental Level.

So Let’s Come To The First Benefit Of No Fap Which Is Basically This

Get Quality Sleep

The Desire Life - NO FAP

Nofap Hasn’t Made Major Impact In My Life Especially By Increasing The Sleep Quality. Even When I Am Sleeping Just For 3 Hours. My Day Is Not Like Rest Of The People I Still Feel The Energy Inside Me. And This Thing I Have Started Practicing Nofap For Many Of Days. After Almost 30 Days I Have to Experience These Things. Let’s Come To Second Point Which Is

Muscle Growth

The Desire Life - NO FAP

When We Are Talking About Physical Benefits of No Fap. You Get A Rapid Growth In Your Muscle Power. And Energy Not Like You Are Gaining Fat But You Will In Your Day To Day Life Muscles. But This Will Feel By The People Who Actually Practicing It And Using It For Gyming Purposes Or Work Out.

Increase In Stamina

The Desire Life - NO FAP

When You Are Practicing Nofap And Saying No To Masturbation It Will Helps You To Increase Your Stamina. With A Rapid Pace As You Are Not Ejaculating Your Seeman. And By The Time You Are Not Ejaculating It It Is Producing More And More Energy Which Ultimately Helps You To Grow Your Stamina.

Higher Energy And Confidence Level

The Desire Life - NO FAP

Actually Helps Us To Get Higher Energy And Confidence Level In Day Today Life Even When You Are Practicing Just For 21 Days You Will Get An Example Of Getting Your Energy High You Will Feel The Satisfaction Among Yourself And Your Confidence Will Increase On A Day-To-Day Basis. Firstly I Was Bit Not Confident About Going To Stage And At That Time I Used To Masturbate Daily One Time Or Two Times. When I Have Talked Using These Are Almost For 90 Days Now I Am Comfortable And Confident To Any Kind Of Public Speaking Or Any Kind Of Thing Fear Of Public Speaking Has Gone By Just The Practice Of Nofap.

Improve Focus And Concentration

The Desire Life - NO FAP

Nofap Actually Helps Us To Improve Our Focus And Concentration Concentration Is Important For A Young Kid Who Is Studying The Person Who Is Looking For A Job Or Doing Any Job The Person Who Is Preparing For Any Exams For Each And Every One Of Us Why Not Give A Credit To Nofap For Improving Our Confidence Concentration And Focus Among Our Goal. What Happens Is When We Stop PMO Are Energy Spread All Over Our Body To Different Parts Especially To The Brain Which Are Improve Our Focus And Concentration Get To Get A Wide Angle.

These Are The Benefits of No Fap Which I Have Told You About The Physical Level But There Are Mental Benefits Also Which I Am Going To Discuss Now

Benefits of No Fap on Mental Level

So Now Let’s Come To The Mental Benefits Which You All Are Looking For

Increased Happiness

The Desire Life - NO FAP

You Know Happiness Is A Very Important Of A Life Whether We Are Doing Job Or Business The Ultimate Life Is To Get Happiness, So What It Does Is It Help You Increase The Happiness Not Directly But What To Do Is Help You Understand The Small Things In Your Life Getting The Important Things In Our Life. When You Are Focusing On More Of The Things Which Are Taking You Towards Your Goal And Making Your Decision Smarts It Ultimately Due To Increase In The With The Small Things I Have Focus Like In My Personal Life With The Happiness Level Has Increased With The 50% Level.

Boosted Confidence

The Desire Life - NO FAP

As I Have To Live Like Boosting Your Confidence And Energy Is A Part Of Nofap Process Which Actually Helps Us To Do This Told You Like I Have A Stage Fear But Today I Can Speak In Front Of How Many Peoples I Don’t Care Because That I Have The Confidence I Have Built And It Is Not Built It By The Simple Thing But Achieving The Small Nofap Targeted Which Actually Help Me To Energy We Have Inside Us Is Unbelievable.

Increased Motivation And Willpower

The Desire Life - NO FAP

You Know We All Need To Be Motivated To Live And We Should Have A Willpower To Achieve The Important Things In Our Life. We Should Have Action To Achieve The Willpower. These Two Things Are Very Important For A Success And I Know That You All Want Success In Your Life So Far To Increase Both Of These Things As This Is The Important Thing. Tried Out I Can Guarantee You That I Am Doing These Things Also.

Lower Levels Of Stress And Anxiety

The Desire Life - NO FAP

You Know Many Times Is Stress And Anxiety Leads For Heart Attack, But I Got You People Are Reading This Blog And You Know That No Proper Will Help You To Increase The Level Of Stress And Anxiety In Your Life So You Can Never Get These Things Basically Heart Attack. So That Is Just For A Kidding Paath But Ultimately When The Stress Is Not There And You Are Not Going Up With Any Anxiety Of Things. Don’t You Think It’s A Really Good Thing That You Can Focus On More Important Things Comparative Read These Two Things Which Will Get You Rid Of Anything Anywhere Anytime With Any Person. Suno Cat Helps Us In Lowering A Level Of Stress And Anxiety Also

Heightened Spirituality

The Desire Life - NO FAP

We All Are Rest Ritual Being And The Basic Difference Of Being Human And Animal Is We Can Think, We Can Contribute & And We Can Give Towards The God Who Have Ultimately Given Us This Birth. Whether You Believe It Or Not There Is Some Higher Define Which Actually Connecting From Us And Making Apart From The Animals. Don’t You Think We Have A Special Power Of Thinking And Making Things More Accurate. And Connecting With The Ultimate Divine Is One Of The Greatest Purpose Of A Life.


The Desire Life - NO FAP

This Is One Of The Most Important Thing Is That Most Of The People Don’t Accept Them Self As They Are Too Short They Are Too Fat They Are Too Tall They Are Too Thin. They Have Various Reasons To Not Accept Themselves You Know The Reason Why Because Take To Don’t Accept That They Are Les. But Ultimately It Is Not Like That You Are Not Less Than Anyone Else And No Help Will Help You To Identify This Thing. Even I Am Short, I Am Not Like Cristiano Ronaldo Or Muhammad Ali Aur Michael Jordan But I Am Myself. And That Statementis Well Enough To Tell You That Who Am I

Improved Attitude And Appreciation Toward The Opposite Sex

The Desire Life - NO FAP

This Is Some Of The Important Things And Most Attractive Things But We Don’t Have To Attract Towards It Like 180 Days Of Nofap Challenge I Have Seen These Things Like The Opposite Sex Is Feeling Attracted Toward The Guys Who Is Following Nofap. I Don’t Know What Is This Thing By Data It Actually Works. I Have A Friend Circle Who The People Actually Follow No Cap Ninna Bunch Of People This Type Of Response Like The Opposite Party Is Always Feeling Attracted The Want To Get A Number They Want To Hang Around With The Like That

No Fap Challenge

The Desire Life - NO FAP

You Want To Know About No Fap Challenge, So Continue Reading It So Basically There Is A Challenge Of 30 Days You Have To Follow Nofap, And You Don’t Have To Even Masturbate Or See Porn.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Challenge You Have To Commit Yourself For The 30 Days The Aim Of Lasting Long. And For Some Of These Things If To Follow, You Should Do Some Of These Things

  1. Block All The Porn Sites

  2. No Gadget In The Morning And In The Night

  3. Get A Cold Shower Daily

  4. Meditate For 20 Minutes Daily At Least

Ultimately When You Are Following This You Will See Sudden Changes Starting 20 Days. So This Is The Nofap Challenge

No Fap Transformation

The Desire Life - NO FAP Transformation

You Are Reading This Blog, You Know That These Topics Are So Taboo People Start Judging. But Ultimately I Am Writing It Without Any Fair Even If You Tell Me To Tell The Things In Front Of Thousands Of People, Now I Will Tell Them All.

I Have Interviewed More Than 50+ Plus People Who Have Been Following Nofap Since Long.

The Ultimate Things What We Have Got From This Are:

  • Increase In Confidence Level
  • Increase In Stamina&Energy
  • Sharpen Their Memory
  • Increase The Quality Of Sperm
  • Seeing Opposite Sex With Respect
  • Following A Good Discipline In Our Life
  • Ability To Perform Many Task Without Any Fear
  • No Stress And Anxiety
  • Connecting To The Spiritual Divine
  • Glowing Face And Body
  • And Many More Benefits Which Feel While Practicing Nofap.

No Fap Meditation

The Desire Life - NO FAP Meditation

Nofap Is Practised In Our Country From Many Decades. So It Is Easy For Us. Nofap Meditation Is Nothing Different But It’s A Practice Of Meditating On A Daily Basis After A Cold Shower And Getting Meditating For At Least 20 Minutes- Perform Any Type Of Meditation Which Helps You Relax Your Mind And Calm Your Body. Nofap Meditation Helps You To Focus On Your Goal Regarding Nofap And Stay Away From P*** Masturbation Or Orgassam. The Ultimate Process Of Meditation Can Be Started By Breathing And Focusing On Your Third Eye( Between Our Both Eyes In Forehead)

Ultimately These All Things Will Lead To Make You A Better Person And You Will Get A Better Life By Practicing This Thing.

How To No Fap

You can start with a challenge. you have to challenge yourself for the next 7 to 15 days nofap.

When you are following nofap you have to get away from the thoughts and this process can be take a while but you have to concentrate on the things you can take cold showers and meditate daily to achieve the goal. in those days day his you don’t have to touch your sexual elements or organs. you have to stay away from any kind of thoughts which will take your nofap down. after you have achieved your target you have to continue it long you can take it. you have to save your semen and use it wisely when needed.

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The Desire Life - NO FAP Conclusion

In This Blog We Have Discussed About Nofap, Which Is A Very Taboo Topic But It Is Very Important For All Of You To Know About It As This Is Not Only All Of Us To Know About The Facts About These Things But Also Healthy Lifestyle With Starts From Our Body Beyond Itself.

In Today’s Generation Many Offers Have The Masturbation Addiction, Even I Have Suffered From All Of Those Things. But When You Not Following This Thing And Leading To A Spiritual Being. You Will Get Very Positive Results Regarding Your Physical Level And Mental Level.

In Our Vedas And Books We Have Seen Like Are Gurus Have Following These Things For Decades And They Have Some Extra Ordinary Things Can’t See In Today’s Life. And This Is All Due To The Semen Retention And Nofap.

So, Guys,I Am Taking A Leave From Here Hope You Will Follow These Things If You Have Any Doubt You Can Comment Me Or Connect With Me Any Of The Social Media Accounts And Active On All Of These Things You Can Ask Your Questions.

Cheers Have A Good Day


What No Fap feels like?

No fap Feels Like The Feeling Beyond The World Lots Of Energy And Positivity Inside Ourselves And Towards Our Surrounding. Even Many Of The Studies Have Shown No Fap Mixer Person Healthy Wealthy And Wise.

Why No Fap is Hard?

Well No fap Is Not Hard, If Your Willpower Is Strong. No fap Is Hard For People Who Have Masturbation Addiction Who Are Addicted To Porn, It May Be Difficult But It Is Not Impossible. The Reason It Is Hard Is Because They Have Built A Habit Of Continuously Using It.

How No Fap Makes You Attractive?

No fap Helps You To Retain Your Semen Which Ultimately Helps You To Work Through Your Body Which Is A And In Our Body And It Will Helps You To Blow Your Body Face And Muscles Ultimately Leads You To Attractive Face Looks And Glow Body.

Can No Fap make you Stronger?

Some Studies Have Shown The Great Professionals Like Muhammad Ali Have Used Semen Retention And Know How To Make Right Use Of Energy And Make Themselves Stronger And Energetic. So If A Legend Like Mohammed Ali Is Doing That We Can Expect This Is True

How No Fap will change your life?

Nofap Has Changed Many Of The Lives In Front Of Me. Nofap Not Only Increase Your Physical Health It Also Helps You To Become A Better Person By Increasing Your Mental Ability And The Things You Feel Towards Others. It Also Leads To Positive Person Which Will Ultimately Change Your Life