Well, we all have universes of thoughts in our minds. Agree? Don’t you think it’s quite imperative to cluster them all together and present them in the glorious ways possible?

Who We Are?

We at The Desire Life are striving continuously to help people know themselves more. To let them perceive life in a completely different way, to let them explore new jobs, ideas and a lot more.
We are working our fingers to the bone to prepare a platform which offers a blend of ideas, innovation, encouragement, advice, career options, entertainment and basically a home to let everyone proper.

The Desire Life platform, gifts you a potpourri of those universes in the form of daily portions of Inspiration to get you going, amazing book deals and interesting book reviews, endless career options, love and warmth for all the broken -hearted, brilliant TEDx talks to help you cling on to life, hacks to achieve financial independence and a lot more stuff, you name it.

Let’s move ahead and discover what The Desire Life has in store.

Inspirational Quotes

Need a Monday boost or a Wednesday pick me up, finding it tough to know your Ikigai or meditate daily, or need daily stream of words to help you break old habits and inculcate new, we are always here with our inspiring quotes to brace you up when life goes downhill, perk your spirits up when monotony clutches you and help you make friends with life and nature. So, let’s ditch the negativity and make peace with life. Head on to the most interesting feed of us on Instagram following the below link.

Book Reviews

From Wodehouse’s humour to Wilde’s Sarcasm, from Murakami’s magic to Robert Langdon’s abilities perfectly penned down by Dan Brown, we are here with the most authentic, organised and interesting book reviews.Jump to the book reviews section and quickly sort your weekends. After all, we all are entirely bonkers, but let me tell you a secret, All the best people are.

Career Options

Puzzled between engineering and medical, or secretly wish to be a YouTuber, or perhaps planning to design the most beautiful building in the city, or working to start a Start-up, or still struggling to know your passion, no need to cudgel your brains, we have got this for you. Head on to our Career section and discover the string of career options we have gathered. Go through them slowly, paint imageries of you doing them and discover your hidden talents and passions. Still confused after reading, move to our Contact us section and get in touch with us through an email. Let’s talk and sort that soon.

Healthy Relationships

Life is obviously not perfect and it’s painful to lose a person we dearly love. Relationships can make or break you, but in the end will obviously help you to know yourself more. So, no need to stress yourself or let those bad thoughts get in, we are here to help. Here, we are to help you get over all those anxiety attacks, tearful nights and hopeless dreams, we are here to talk to you and make you feel better. Smile now and quickly move to our Relationships section to get in touch with us. Let’s make castles with love, trust and honesty. Let’s feel complete.

TEDx Talks

A fan of short talks? Talks that let you plunge in new ideas, grave issues, success and failure stories, breath-taking discoveries and heavy doses of encouragement. We have cherry picked the best stories for you to help you know yourself with more clarity and depth.

Financial Independence Hacks

We all wish to be independent financially in the long run. So, shall it not be great if we find out small, mindful hacks for it and start implementing them from now on to enjoy the savour of life in the near future? No need to search about it anywhere when we have all those hacks sorted here only.