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End-to-End Digital Marketing & Customer Experience

Good digital experience has the power to transform a prospective customer to a brand advocate. Watch this video that shows how a fictional company engages with customers across their journey using: Internet of Things, Social media, Analytics, Cloud, and Mobile.
Delight your Customers!

Customer Experience is about turning data insights into personalized experiences that last!

It is about Creating Value.

Customer Decision Journey

Online Business is driven by influencing Customer Decisions. Watch this video to know how companies can shape customer journey to bring them into a loyalty loop quickly.

Customer Decisions Journey and Experience

Accelerating the Consumer Decision Journey is highly influenced by Customer Experience.

Four Pillars of Digital Marketing

Now that we have a fair appreciation of Customer Journey and Customer Experience let us understand the channels, platforms, and tools that marketers have at their disposal to engage with their customers.

Four pillars of digital marketing are:

  • Search Driven Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile/Web Apps and Sites

Above all lies the Content and Context. These together help deliver most remarkable experiences.

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Yash is a 20-Year-old guy who loves to Travel, Worked as a Stock Market Trader / Digital Marketer / Designer / Developer / Writer. He believes in life's simple concept which is Learn, Apply & Monetize it.

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