Personal, Financial & 

Spiritual Growth Hacker



Personal, Financial & Spiritual Growth Hacker

Hi I’m Yash Verma, Digital Marketer by Profession & Stock Trader By Heart. Providing Value to more than 3,000 + students in India with my YouTube channel, Career Helper will help you grow in your Life - Personally, Financially & Spiritually.

I was not a perfect or smartest in the room but I love finding hacks whatever I do.  I am the kind of person who loves learning in my way & was never concerned about the end result. Reach out if anyone want to talk to me about Startup, Tech, Innovation & Ideas.

-Quoted By Yash Verma

"Life Me Kuch Bada Karna Ho  Or Apne Aap Ko Dara Hua Pao, To Bas Ek Baar Aankhe Band Kar Ke  Ye Yaad Karna Ki Darr Kuch Time Ka Rehta Hai Or Success Lifetime Ki"


MAY 2017 - OCT 2018

Research Analyst

ORDO (GAMS Freewheels Pvt. Ltd)

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Right after High School, I have started working for Startup under CEO (S Sheikh). At a young age working under a professional person, helps you learn lot many Things & Skills.
Startup + Working Under CEO = Best Learning


CEO, Founder

Infospire IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Nagpur, Maharashtra

After working for an startup for almost 1.5 years. I have started working on my company with just INR 10,000 & after working now it's valuation is Above INR 10,00,000. I really love what I am doing.

Min. Investment + Big Dream + Smart Work = Success


2005 - 2017


St. Xavier's Sr. Sec. Co-Ed School / Bhopal

School is a fun place to learn, network and execute new things everyday. It provided me platform to compete where I won State Level Competition in Athletics. Participate in various extra curricular activities which help me gain confidence.  

Yash Verma - Digital Entrepreneur

2017 - 2020


Barkatullah University / Bhopal

College is Important part of life but I never got a good chance to attend regular  college. I have learned real life skills during my college time which I have applied in real life. BBA is a business degree which helped me learned the essence and applied in life.

Yash Verma - Digital Entrepreneur

Skills i m good at:

Web & App Development

Video Production & Editing

Social Media Marketing

Funnel Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing

Ad Campaign Management

Strategy Consultation

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